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#StopTheHolocaust | #AleppoIsBurning | #SaveAleppo | #SaveSyria

#Aleppo_is_burning | #Halep_helak | #Halep_yanıyor | #Aleppo_perire | #Aleppo_è_in_fiamme | #Aleppo_zugrunde gehen | #Aleppo_brennt #Alepo_se_pierden | #Alepo_se_está_quemando | #?????_???????? | #?????_????? | #阿勒頗滅亡 | #阿勒頗是燒 |#Alep_périssent | #Alep_brûle #アレッポは滅びます。|
#アレッポは燃えています | #हैलाब नाश। हैलाब जल रहा है

in this earth there is persons who deserve to live ..
in this same earth children burned alive ...
in this earth O most despicable people on earth , The childhood of innocents childrens is raped ...

Those pictures are not from a holywood's film, it's from the reality from syrian Land ...
yes those Childrens are the victimes of the syrian governement supported by all governements of world To kill Innocents.
Is not the Syrian people have the right to decide their own destiny?
Are you not who talking about democracy?
So ! where is this democracy that you talking about , and this peopel are killed ,displaced and durned alive ?
Is this the meaning of your democracy?
Is this your liberty?
Is the Holocaust in Syria is the freedom and the democracy ? the democracy of the Hiroshima bomb ?!
all Medias are liars d'ont believe'em, You Have To believe only what you can see ...
They say We fighting terrorism , are those kids Terrorists or from ISIS ?
Are they carrying weapons?
Or is it your Criminals governments and Your dirty medias who made the crimes and murders and abuse of the Muslims corpses is permissible?
YES this is not Terrorism .. You know why ? Cause those crimes are Just against Muslims ...
This is not Paris To cry it ... this is Syria ...
why In order to preserve the position of "bashar al asad" as president , his people should be killed ? is this justice ?
To Day We Have To Save Syria , Syria Have The Right To live like All peoples of the world , Syrian peopel have the right to chose his president
Stop the holocaust , Save alepoo ...
Dear Admin You can Remove this deface Page But you cant Remove The shame ..

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